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I saw the advertisement from Ryan, and I felt this was a great way for them to get started, and they were really excited to do it,” Pugh said she knew it would be a safe and positive environment with Van Alst running the clinic.

It was a no-brainer,” she said. “I trust him, and I know his family. They [her sons] know how he teaches, and he’s very calm and organized and he puts a lot of thought into the program.

"With park district clinics overflowing with children and expensive club teams," Pugh said. "It is nice to have another option where children are going to have a great experience and do so at a reasonable price."

There’s not much like that here,” she said. “This is a smaller group where you know the instructor and you know the kids are going to have fun and learn something. It’s a nice place right in the middle.

- Danielle Pugh (Lockport, IL)

"Full of information, tips on pacing yourself, healthy living, even finding the right running shoes and socks! My son had a lot of fun and is now excited to run a 5k in the spring! Most definitely worth the money and the time!"

- Denise Zlogar

"Great business idea to help parents provide added sports training for their children. Ryan Van Alst is a former player of mine and super all around athlete. Check out his Sports Tutoring opportunities for young people."

- Adrian Richie (Lowell, IN)

"The past few recent months, arranged time with "Sports Tutoring" for my son to train him in multiple sports. I highly recommend them for the quality, communication, knowledge, and friendliness. My son gained much in a few lessons and had much success making his school teams."

- Orland Park Resident 2015 

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